About Tierra Vida


Redeeming Land

Jubilee Foundation helped establish the Tierra Vida community starting in 2005 on ‘A’ Street in Pasco, WA. When construction began, the site had been little more than barren, sandy ground dusted with discarded waste. It had been cast aside and written off. It was for these reasons, however, that the location was chosen in the belief that, like many of us, it could be redeemed. Today, the neighborhood thrives and has grown to include over 1,500 residents in 252 homes and 129 multi-family units.


Neighborhood Development

The shared goal in this neighborhood is to provide opportunities for personal growth and connections to others, enabling families to heal and provide opportunities for them to serve their neighbors. Our model of neighborhood development focuses on the people living in the place rather than simply the four walls that make a house. Our desire is to develop a sense of community where everyone is known, loved, and feels called to serve.

Fostering Community

Meet the team that makes the Tierra Vida community thrive.

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Property Manager



Recreational Center Coordinator


Community Relations Manager 


Grounds Assistant Manager


Leasing Office Receptionist

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Community Engagement Coordinator

My goal in my role as the Community Outreach Coordinator is to help all residents of Tierra Vida feel connected. I serve as the main point of contact for residents regarding service opportunities, questions and interests, and/or concerns related to individuals and family. I visit community members regularly, while giving daily priority to those in greatest need. 


Youth Coordinator


Grounds Maintenance


Grounds Maintenance