Summer Program June 27-August 19, 2016



    Our summer day camp program is designed to help counteract that trend and give them the best chance of retaining what they learn in school. Studies show that low-income student families lose on average two months of academic achievement over the course of a summer away from school. This is not the case with affluent children, who have many options for entertainment, travel, etc.


    The Tierra Vida summer program is a valued based program that provides a day long program that includes reading, writing, math, sports and physical activities, as well as lots of fun for kids ages 7 to 15. Activities of summer program:

    • Arts and Crafts
    • Field Trips
    • Swimming Pools
    • Sport Camps (Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football)
    • Circus Camp
    • Values Teaching
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Math
    • YA4H CHFFF Program( Choose Health Food Fun and Fitness)
    • Leadership Development
    • Professional Development
    • Cultural Development
    • Youth Employment
    • Presenters
    • Science


    Full-Time Summer Program (8 weeks)

    Monday-Friday (8:30am-3pm)

    Ages 7-15years

    COST: $500

    Summer Program Professional Development (8 weeks)

    Monday-Friday (8:30-3pm)

    Ages 14-15 years

    COST: $500


    2 Week Summer Camps

    Monday-Thursday (8:30am-11am)

    Ages varies depending on camp

    COST: $100/per camp

    2016 CAMPS

    June 27-July 7

    Agility CAMP 8-12 years

    July 11-July 21

    Volleyball Camp 10-13 years

    July 25-August 4

    Circus Camp 9-12 years

    August 8-August 18

    Flag Football 7-9 years



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