Center for Sharing

    (501 c (3)): began in a church basement with two volunteers. Today, their Servant Leadership School draws together small groups of people to call forth the gifts of each person through Christ-centered community.

    Vista Hermosa Foundation

    (501 c (3)): established for the purpose of using proceeds from Broetje Orchards to serve children and under-served communities both at home and around the world.

    Snake River Housing Inc

    Snake River Housing Inc: manages the community of Vista Hermosa, providing farm-working families of Broetje Orchards a refuge for body and spirit near their workplace. 

    Jubilee Leadership Academy

    Jubilee Leadership Academy (501 c (3)): a residential facility providing new beginnings for struggling teens through education, vocational and spiritual growth.

    Mano a Mano

    Mano à Mano (501 c (3)): provides asset-building opportunities to at-risk families and youth through housing, financial, educational and spiritual programming and projects.

    FirstFruits Marketing of WA

    FirstFruits Marketing of WA: Initiated in 2009, FirstFruits Marketing of Washington is the sales entity for Broetje Orchard fruit, providing a year-round supply of apples, both conventional and organic. The organization is as committed to giving back to the community as we are to producing high quality fruit, donating at least 10% of its profits to nonprofit charities, focusing on the under-served.