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    Education, Engagement, and Empowerment ,with these values in mind, the idea of bringing together a group that represents the residents of the apartment community came to attention. We are interested in bringing together a group that would strive to improve the quality of living among apartment residents and would be responsible for the development of a community atmosphere to help residents gain a sense of pride and ownership in their living environment and maintain standards that promote family friendliness.

    After a period of reflection, we would like to advance laying the groundwork for establishing a Tenant Advisory Board (TAB), were it can improve the lifestyle of members in the Tierra Vida Condo Apartment community. The Tierra Vida Tenant Advisory Board is a group of tenants and others from the community who share a common interest in the community. Members serve as advisors to CASA LLC; provide input, act as tenant advocates, comment on concerns and issues presented by the tenant community as well as enforce the rules. Additionally, representation from the TAB would also need to be present at the Community Council meetings to report on committee work.