Community Group Life

    Community Group Life, THE VERY THING THAT attracts most people.  Common life gives us the opportunity to live purposeful with our family, friends and neighbors.  What would it look like if residents of Tierra Vida lived purposefully?  What if they lived and supported, encouraged, respected, and loved one another? 
    What would it look like if a small group (5-7) or large group (15-17) people from Tierra Vida and maybe even others outside of the community met together each week in a convenient location to learn about each other, grow and have fun meeting new people?  What if there was a beginning and ending to each group activity?  What if, the very reason each person was meeting was for a passion or interest that directs them to either grow, support, develop friends or simply have fun.  Would you sign on? 
    Modeled after C3 small groups, groups can be categorized as the following:

    LEARNING Groups:  Connect with people who want to learn more!  Facilitator(s) pick(s) title and people sign up.  People sign up based on interest, the convenience of the date and time as well as their availability.

    ACTIVITY Groups:  Connect around fun activities and recreation.  These can be through sports, games, etc.  These groups want to interact through physical and fun activities that enable them to develop a sense of camaraderie and develops rapport. 

    OUTREACH Groups:  Connect with others while serving the community.  These groups have a missional mindset.  They feel the need to help others.

    HEALING Groups:  Connect with others while addressing their identity in Christ.  Healing groups help us restore hope or work through patterns of behavior we would like to see change.

    Look for details coming fall of 2016.

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