C.A.S.A LLC is the owner and developer of the Tierra Vida project currently underway in East Pasco.  Our Tierra Vida Development consists of 251 residential lots, commercial and multi-family property on ‘A’ Street in Pasco, WA.  The name “Tierra Vida” speaks to the importance of the land in our lives and our connection to it.  We believe that the common space of land that we share has the power to transcend differences and contribute to wellness.

    Our commitment to our communities is long-term.  C.A.S.A. seeks to provide affordable, quality homes for working families of diversity (ethnic, generational, and economic).  Our goal is to provide space and services that enable families to advance themselves and that also engender relationships that protect and sustain a living community.  Thus, both economic and human development strategies are incorporated into C.A.S.A.’s work – community is as much about people as it is about place.

    Community Development
    Once homes are constructed we know through our experience with Snake River Housing Inc. that developing a community entails much more that building houses. 

    As such, CASA’s role extends into how it will assist families and develop a supportive community in the multi-family units and in the housing neighborhoods.  We are continuing to promote the vision of community that recognizes the gifts in each of us and allows each member in the community the opportunity to explore and share those gifts.  As such, the following outlines the goals for the Tierra Vida community as conceived by C.A.S.A.:

    1. Leadership Development – empowering residents to become the change agents in their own lives and their community. This would include eventual oversight of community programming (cultural, spiritual, etc.), common-property management and the development of an on-going vision. This last point is particularly important as we must recognize that C.A.S.A.’s original vision has its limits as it does not come directly from resident’s perspectives. Activities included:

    • a. Formation and facilitation of the Homeowners’ Association (Board development)
    • b. Youth Leadership Development
    • c. Increasing participation on the part of families and individuals in programming

    Educational Advancement – Education, in the multiple forms it can take, is a key to success in family life, individual achievement, leadership and societal cohesiveness. Activities included:

    • a. Offering evening and weekend classes (spiritual, ESL, art, recreation, etc.), after school programming, special community events, etc.
    • b. General home ownership preparation (financial management and planning classes)
    • c. Family assistance (informal counseling, women’s groups, parenting classes, etc.)
    • d. Developing and actively seeking partnership with outside service agencies to help further residents’ development
    • e. Promotion and support of post secondary education

    Cultural and Community Inclusiveness – ensuring tolerance, respect and inclusiveness of all cultures, religions, etc.

    • a. Maintenance of a spiritual and supportive community environment through events (e.g. community dinners, activities, community gardening, faith-based projects and programs, etc.)